You navigate seamlessly between fun and serious, romantic and raunchy; but when you're in court, you are kind... yet fierce! Put you in front of a jury and you'll disprove gravity! Thank you for always being in my corner and for being my friend.

-Jen. P.

Thank you again Michael for helping me with the Federal District Court case. I'm still amazed that you got the entire case dismissed and I'll never forget you. All of your hard work, dedication and expertise certainly paid off for me in the end! Also, thank you again for helping my Mom beat her DUI case. She is so happy! We are both stubborn and wild women and my Mom doesn't like a lot of people. When my Mom likes someone, I pay attention. My Mom and I both love you!

-Kellie D. & Katheryn G.

His dedication was amazing and we will forever be grateful for his intercession. He not only saved our daughter from going to prison on numerous occasions, but he and his staff worked tirelessly with the State of Arizona and were able to get her insurance with Access Health Insurance, so that our daughter could get into a drug treatment program. Now we have our little girl back. Thank you Michael.

-Judith & Robert L.

My ex-wife took my favorite rockabilly Gretsch guitar and smashed it in half! She ruined my favorite guitar but because of you... I have custody of our daughter. You are the best! Rock on Mike!

-Ron W.

I obtained Michael Urbano in late 2016 in regards to a case concerning grandparent visitation and sole custody. In meeting Michael Urbano for the first time when he took a look at my case he made sure that he took time to read over and over and over the court pleading which I first received regarding my case. He took a lot of time to explain the case to me and saying that he could win the case, which in face he did.

I was very nervous at first about this case and the severity of it beause I was facing somebody trying to take my child out of my home due to false allegations and outlandish statements. Both Michael and his paralegal spent countless hours reassuring me the outcome of my case and that there was nothing to be fearful of. He made sure that before going to trial that I was well-prepared for questioning and how I was going to do in regards to being in the courtroom.

If you don't want a liar of a lawyer or somebody to just jerk you around and try to take your money and promise you the world when you get nothing I would definitely recommend Michael Urbano to help you out because you will definitely feel good in the end knowing he's not going to BS you about the outcome of your legal case. If it wasn't for Michael Urbano my child probably would have been taken out of my home and I would have not known what to do. You need a good hard-workking lawyer that is honest. Call Urbano Law!

-Mike R.

Mike, thanks again bro for winning my case! It feels good again to have my life back. You kept your word and I trust you – thanks. 

-Michael S.