Probation Violation

probation-violation.jpgA Violation of Probation simply means that you haven't followed the conditions that the judge set down when you received probation from an earlier charge.

Your probation violation may be for something quite minor, but the end result may mean you have to serve the rest of a jail or prison term.

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If you've been charged with a probation violation, you need to get a probation attorney like Michael Urbano who can help you plead your case and stay out of jail. Probation is an alternative to serving time in jail. The judge may decide that you can remain free after a conviction but will set conditions that you have to fulfill.

Some examples of probation conditions that judges may impose:

  • Not committing a crime
  • Paying a fine or restitution
  • Regular meetings with a probation officer
  • Passing regular drug or alcohol tests
  • Doing community service
  • Paying restitution
  • Counseling, treatment or other classes
  • Not associating with certain people or avoiding certain places

A failure to comply with any of the conditions is a probation violation.

Probation Violation Penalties

Many times a probation violation is not a crime in and of itself. In that case, your penalty for having a violation of probation is simply to do the jail time that you were given for the original crime. A probation violation attorney can often help by giving the judge a reasonable explanation for your actions or lack of action and getting an extension for you to complete a condition.

If the probation violation you're charged with is a crime, you'll be facing the punishment of that crime PLUS the sentence handed down in the original crime. In this case, you absolutely need an experienced probation violation attorney to intercede with the judge for the purpose of lessening the charges against you.

Judges are less likely to be lenient in sentencing on the new crime when you have a violation of probation for the original crime. In this case, a probation violation attorney who is an experienced Phoenix defense attorney like Michael Urbano can help you avoid a long double sentence.

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