If you're convicted of kidnapping, you can expect large fines and a stiff prison sentence. Since your freedom is on the line, it's important that you call Michael Urbano, a qualified Phoenix kidnapping attorney, before you talk with the police. He'll do everything possible to keep you out of jail.

Kidnapping Isn't a Lone Charge

Kidnapping charges usually are filed in association with other charges. The most common criminal charges that are filed with kidnapping charges are:

  • Domestic Violence Charges (in connection with parental kidnapping charges)
  • Robbery Charges
  • Assault Charges
  • Trespassing or Burglary Charges
  • Carjacking (theft) Charges

To file Arizona kidnapping charges, prosecutors must prove that a person has been intentionally restrained. Four intentions are recognized:

  • To hold the victim for ransom or as a shield or hostage
  • To hold the victim in involuntary servitude
  • To inflict death, injury or commit a sex offense
  • To seize control of a vehicle such as a car, plane, train or bus

Since kidnapping charges involve complicated laws, it's important that you hire a Phoenix kidnapping attorney to defend you against the kidnapping charges and the related charges as well.

Kidnapping Penalties

Kidnapping is a felony, and that means severe penalties including jail time. Parental kidnapping charges also mean the loss of custody. In the face of such serious consequences, you definitely need a Phoenix kidnapping attorney to protect your rights and to fight for your freedom.

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