Drug Offenses


Have you been charged with a drugs or Marijuana crime? Drug crimes defense attorney Michael Urbano has represented many clients in Arizona that have been charged with the sales and possession of drugs and narcotics. The most common illegal drug crimes are those involving Marijuana. Although Arizona Marijuana laws have changed in regard to who can legally use and sell, there are still plenty of circumstances in which you can be charged with illegal possession and possession with the intent to sell.

Drug Offense? Free Consultation & No Trial Fee

Illegal drug crimes are serious felony charges. You will need a criminal defense lawyer with experience for this type of charge. Criminal defense attorney Michael Urbano is a former police officer and has represented clients with success for this types of crimes. Attorney Michael Urbano provides a free initial consultation and 24-hour availability for all potential clients. Our law firm does not charge additional fees to go to trial, rather a flat fee.