Domestic Violence


Phoenix domestic violence charges can be the result of something as seemingly minor as violating a restraining order with a late night phone call to physical assault or threats with weapons. As a result, these charges may be rated as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Many times authorities are called to a domestic fight with no witnesses and no evidence. A number of Phoenix metro departments have a policy of arresting someone as a way to prevent further escalation. Often the decision on who to arrest for domestic violence is based solely on who called the police in the first place.

Phoenix Domestic Violence Penalties

Have no doubt about this: prosecutors and the courts take domestic violence charges very seriously and they aggressively seek the most severe penalties in court. If you're facing any Phoenix domestic violence charge, even a misdemeanor, you need to talk with a qualified Phoenix domestic violence attorney.

Besides jail time, probation, fines and mandatory counseling, a domestic violence conviction can put you at a loss in future child custody cases, which could mean the loss of your children.​

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