Arson is a big problem in Arizona. If you're charged with criminal arson, your prosecutor is going to seek the maximum penalty.

Many cases of criminal arson are charged against juveniles. These are often minor fires or explosions, often set as part of a prank. Of course, adults are also charged with criminal arson each year.

Criminal Arson Penalties

Penalties for criminal arson can be either misdemeanor or felony. The prosecutors will look at the number of damages, whether someone was occupying the property where the fire was set, if anyone was injured, and if the fire was part of any other crime.

More serious cases are charged with felony criminal arson, while smaller cases are known as misdemeanor criminal arson or "reckless burning".

If you're charged with criminal arson, you need an experienced criminal arson defense attorney who can defend you against everything the prosecutors are going to throw at you.

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