Criminal Defense

Phoenix has some of the harshest penalties for felony and misdemeanor offenses and if you've been charged with either you need to strongly consider competent legal advice.

Justice System is Harsh in Phoenix & You Need a Competent Criminal Attorney

There are many criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix but none compare to the experience that you will find with Michael Urbano. Mr. Urbano was once a police officer and is very familiar with hour the police collect their evidence and build a case against you. Mr. Urbano has been featured in the news from working on high profile cases and getting his clients fair results. Call Michael Urbano today to get a free case review.

Phoenix criminal attorney Michael Urbano is a very experienced lawyer providing legal representation for individuals charged with crimes in Arizona. Mr. Urbano has represented many clients with a variety of legal issues ranging from drunk driving or Phoenix DUI, assault charges, domestic violence, homicide or murder, drug crimes ranging from Arizona drug trafficking, narcotics sales, possession of drugs, fraud, white collar crime, theft, weapons or guns charges, armed robbery, prostitution and other serious Phoenix criminal offenses. Michael Urbano has had a high level of success in his legal representation efforts in the State of Arizona often times, the end results of the cases he takes on end up in a dismissal, reduced the charge, or favorable plea agreements. His experience as a Phoenix criminal attorney can really make a difference in and out of the courtroom. As a Phoenix criminal attorney with experience, Mr. Urbano properly assesses each case and the potential charges facing his clients with wisdom, courage, and the ability to thoroughly examine the law with a strict work ethic and passion for American rights.

If you are looking to hire a Phoenix attorney who is aggressive, one that will make you and your case a priority, and a Phoenix criminal lawyer who can make a true difference on the outcome of your criminal case, contact Phoenix criminal attorney Michael A. Urbano. Our legal team can assist you 24 hours a day. We provide a free initial consultation with all potential clients and charge a flat fee. There is no trial fee when you choose Phoenix criminal attorney Michael Urbano to represent you.

The legal professionals at Urbano Law are dedicated to your needs and understand the severity of being charged with a felony crime or misdemeanor in Arizona and we want to help you with the expertise of proven legal professionals. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in the State of Arizona, Phoenix criminal attorney Michael Urbano's legal team can help day or night.