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Michael Urbano

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"If you like what you do, you're going to do it well. I make work fun and help my clients relax under otherwise stressful circumstances."

What I Can
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My clients know me as their friend, but I’m a criminal defense and family attorney first and foremost. Allow me to explain how I can be an effective advocate in your criminal or family law case.

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Well-Rounded Experience

Before attending law school, I was a flight test engineer, a police officer, a professional pilot, and a member of the military. I now proudly hold five degrees, and my background allows me to draw insight from a variety of areas.

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24/7 Accessibility

Need help? Want to vent? Either way, just call me. I understand that legal trouble can arise at inconvenient moments, but I am here for you any day, anytime.

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Discounts for Veterans

To show my appreciation for the men and women who have served our country, I provide pro bono representation to veterans on a case-by-case basis. 

Don't let a criminal conviction destroy your future

Keep Your Freedom

You may feel that challenging your criminal charge is a hopeless endeavor, but you have too much at stake to take a passive approach. Failure to secure legal representation could leave you in prison for years and prevent you from obtaining housing even if you are released.

Protect Your Job

Criminal felonies — and even misdemeanors — are not something any hiring manager wants to find on your background check. A seemingly small conviction could haunt you for years to come and leave you without a way to secure reasonable income. This is why you must fight back.

Maintain Custody of Your Children

A criminal conviction can alter your family dynamics in many ways. Perhaps most importantly, it can revoke your right to child custody. As a parent, I know how devastating the thought of losing your kids can be, and I can help turn your situation around.

Let's sit down & discuss your case


As a former cop, I have unique insight into criminal law

As an attorney, my job is to verify the facts in your case, and sometimes the facts are wrong. If the cops reported inaccuracies or did something they shouldn’t have, I’m going to know — because I was a policeman myself.

The police typically focus on gathering evidence to use against you, and some officers can be incredibly aggressive in their interrogations. Just because cops are government officials does not mean they’re above tricking you into giving up your constitutional rights. This is why you should always exercise your right to remain silent until your attorney is present. Still, I understand the way cops can manipulate interactions to draw out the information they want to hear. So, if you’ve already had your own words twisted and used against you, I can help you recover and present the truth.

Of course, not all cops are bad. Maybe you were fortunate enough to encounter an upstanding officer, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in need of legal representation. Even in cases where the police did everything right, the courts can still enforce punishments that do not fit the crime. I ensure the law treats you fairly even if the cops did their job well.

Clients are sometimes surprised to know that it isn’t my responsibility to determine whether or not they’re guilty — only a judge or jury can do that. My primary duty is to make the state prove its burden. This means that I require law enforcement to prove that you committed a crime. If they can’t present evidence to support their claim, you will not be convicted. And trust me when I say that I will do everything in my power to prevent you from being wrongfully convicted.